WMX Championship

Competition Bulletin 2018-1:WMX Supplemental Rules Update

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 | 12:45 PM

TO: 2018 WMX Participants

FROM: MX Sports

DATE: September 19, 2018


WMX Supplemental Rules Update 

Due to the rescheduling of the Jessica Patterson Classic and a three-moto format instead of two rounds resulting in four motos, it is necessary we make the following update to the WMX Supplemental Rules Section F. 1: Class Championship will be determined based on series points accumulated from the best 13 finishes out of 15 motos. A rider must enter and participate in a minimum of 5 events in order to be eligible for series overall ranking. Riders will earn championship points for each race according to their respective official moto finishing positions. Points will be awarded to 20th place per moto.

2018 WMX Supplemental Rules

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