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Jordan Jarvis Takes First-Ever WMX Win at Freestone

Monday, April 2, 2018 | 1:50 PM


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Jordan Jarvis Takes First-Ever WMX Win at Freestone
Women’s Motocross Championship Round 2 Race Report 

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (March 30, 2018) – For the third year in a row, round two of the Women’s Motocross Championship (WMX) Series took place in conjunction with the Freestone Spring Championship in Wortham, Texas. This event is part of the American Motocross Majors, which consist of the five most prestigious amateur racing events in the country, including Loretta Lynn’s, Mini O’s, Mammoth Motocross and the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross.

The women pro racers were again the stars of the show in Texas, and with great weather throughout the week, track conditions were prime for the WMX riders. It was North Carolina’s Jordan Jarvis taking home her first-ever WMX overall win. Jarvis won both of her motos and she also competed in the College Sportsman (16-24) class, taking home an eighth place finish out of twenty-nine riders. Kylie Fasnacht placed second overall in the WMX class after a set of 2-3 moto finishes, and Shelby Rolen’s 3-4 finishes were good enough to place her in the final podium position. 

In moto one, Hannah Hodges was first off the line, though Jarvis was close behind. It was a tight battle between the two of them, and not their first of the day either – they had both competed in the final moto of College Sportsman (16-24). Both riders became somewhat familiar with the lines that had evolved, but Jarvis was best able to put that knowledge to use, making a move on Hodges midway through the moto. The battle between the two ultimately was cut short when Hodges suffered mechanical issues and was forced to pull out of the race. 

Even though Fasnacht had a mid-pack start, she was able to regain ground and make the pass on Rolen and eventually catch Hodges, just before Hodges succumbed to her mechanical issue. Although Fasnacht closed in on Jarvis, she was unable to pass her before the checkered flag waved. Meanwhile, Eve Brodeur had worked her way through the pack after a rough start and was locked in an intense battle with third-place rider, Shelby Rolen, a battle that would last almost the whole moto. It took everything Rolen had to stay out front, especially after a run-in with a lapped rider on the last lap of the moto.

Brinsley Dyess was able to hold off Marissa Polencheck throughout the first half of the moto, despite fighting through an ankle injury she had sustained last round at Daytona. Polencheck would make the pass, and ride the remainder of the moto without any further heated battles taking place. Dyess took sixth, and Amanda Brown, who was competing on a borrowed bike this weekend, pushed her hardest eventually finishing one spot behind Dyess in seventh. Nicole Gaudern, Tina Carter and Cheyanne McGuin rounded out the top ten. 

By the time moto two rolled around, Hodges had gotten her machine running and again came away with the holeshot, while Jarvis was riding her rear fender. By the halfway point Rolen and Fasnacht had worked their way up from sub-par starts into the lead pack. The battle between Hodges and Jarvis looked similar the second time around, and with Jarvis making a pass in the exact same spot that she had in moto one. Jarvis took the lead and never looked back, while Hodges took second behind her.

Fasnacht reeled in and passed Rolen after another less-than-ideal start, and finished third in the moto. After the race Fasnacht commented, “It’s tough being the mechanic and the racer at the same time, but I hope to get it all figured out soon. I went 2-3 so I can’t complain. The other girls were riding awesome, and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds. 

Brodeur again tried to duke it out with Rolen, but was unable to put up nearly the same battle she had in moto one due to fatigue in her recently repaired shoulder. Rolen rode a clean and smooth second moto after battling with Fasnacht, she would pace fourth in the moto but third overall. Role said, “I knew I had to beat Eve to stay on the overall podium, so I just tried to ride my own race and managed to keep her behind me. While my bike still isn’t running perfectly, ultimately I’m satisfied with how Round Two went.”

Polencheck went down in a corner on the second lap, but was able to recover and pass Dyess with only one lap to go. They finished sixth and seventh, respectively. Brown was eighth, Gaudern placed ninth and Carter took that last top-ten position.

Jarvis, the overall winner at Freestone, was thrilled with how her weekend went and is optimistic about the rest of the season as well. She told us, “I had a great week at Freestone! I just moved to the 250cc for outdoors, and I only have a couple of hours on it, but I feel really good on the new bike.” 

For round three of the 2018 WMX series, riders will travel Tomahawk MX in Hedgesville, WV on April 21st, along with the Mid-Atlantic Motocross Association. 

For more information, please visit the official website at ww.racewmx.com or call (304) 284-0101. Also, follow the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for exclusive content and to catch the latest news. 

WMX Round 2 (Freestone) Overall Results

  1. Jordan Jarvis (1-1) Yamaha-Triangle Cycles/Fox/Monster Energy
  2. Kylie Fasnacht (2-3) Yamaha/Factory Connection/Acerbis
  3. Shelby Rolen (3-4) Suzuki RM Army/Iron Pony Motorsports/FMF
  4. Eve Brodeur (4-5) KTM Canada/TCX Boots/Shot Race Gear
  5. Marissa Polencheck (5-6) Kawasaki
  6. Brinsley Dyess (6-7) Suzuki
  7. Amanda Brown (7-8) Ruthann Benson
  8. Nicole Gaudern (8-9) Kawasaki
  9. Tina Carter (10-10) KTM
  10. Cheyenne McGuin (9-11) Yamaha 

WMX Points Standings

  1. Kylie Fasnacht (89)
  2. Jordan Jarvis (85)
  3. Hannah Hodges (69)
  4. Shelby Rolen (63)
  5. Brinsley Dyess (61)
  6. Marissa Polencheck (60)
  7. Amanda Brown (47)
  8. Nicole Gaudern (42)
  9. Cheyanne McGuin (41)
  10. Jamie Astudillo (38) 

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