WMX Championship

Gatorback Race Report: Eve Brodeur

Monday, November 28, 2016 | 4:40 PM

Last weekend was the last race of 2016 at Gatorback cycle park Florida. It was the final race of a long and tiring 10 rounds US WMX championship taking place all over the US. It all started early March at the Daytona Supercross and ended last weekend all the way in Florida again. Having been off the bike since the last race,  Eve spent the week down in Florida and hit a couple of tracks on the way to Gatorback for the Mini Os.

During the week at the Mini O’s, She had planned to race her last ever 16 years old and under Schoolboy 2 race during the week but ended up re-injuring her shoulder in the first qualifier and had to sit out and concentrate on the upcoming WMX race . Her goal was to finish 4th in at least one of the races so she could secure her fifth place overall in the championship. Unfortunately, her shoulder didn’t quite hold up and she had to pace herself in both races to be able make it to the checkered flag.  

‘’I just couldn’t hold on to the handlebar after the 3rd lap,’’ Eve said after the last race of the season. She was able to score a 5th place finish in each of the 2 motos for a 5th overall for the day and ended up 6th in the championship.

‘’I am really happy with my season, clinching my 4th and 5th Canadian title (3x WMX and 2x Amateur National). Traveling all over the US to Race the WMX series is something I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl. I made a lot of new friends and met some awesome people. Racing on tracks I had never seen before is a learning experience I will never forget, and I can’t wait to do it all again next with a full year of experience under my helmet. New season, new goals."

All of this wouldn’t be possible with the support of her great group of partners

‘’I got  to realized how expensive and demanding a season like 2016 is and that my family wouldn’t be able to help me make it to this level, even with all the sacrifice in the world, without the awesome people supporting me. First and foremost, the people at Motovan/MTA and the Black rider program, David’s been awesome with us and made sure we had what we needed to elevate our Program to a multinational adventure. Also the KTM Canada support from JSR and his whole crew, thanks so much.  Marco and Kevin at Axxel Suspension, Billy at BoutiqueVR.com, Brian at Dunlop in making sure I was equipped with fresh tires at every major races we attended, Jake at Oakley, Donny at FMF, Jeff at DuroyKTM, Jimmy at JWTF and all the Motovan affiliated sponsors: TCX, ZOX, Torc1, Shot gear, Kutvek, Xtown.ca, Five Gloves, Motul, Bolt hardware, Rockwell, Ogio and more. THANK YOU’’

Eve would also like to welcome a couple of new partners for 2017:

  • Mirco at KB5 Canada who will tune her engine and suspensions
  • Brad at Club57MX where Eve will train over the winter
  • Arnaud at Group Contant KTM will be her associated dealer for her KTM motorcycles