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2016 Women’s Motocross Championship: Field of Dreams Motocross Results

Monday, November 7, 2016 | 9:40 AM

Mackenzie Tricker Gets First Overall Win Of Season At Field of Dreams MX
Title chase goes down to season finale in Florida. 

After a rainout forced the rescheduling of the ninth round of the Women’s Motocross Championship due to the effects of Hurricane Matthew, the series moved to New Jersey on October 29th to New Jersey Motosports Park Field of Dreams Motocross track where Obermeyer Suzuki’s Mackenzie Tricker went 1-1 to grab her first overall victory of the season. 

Cold but nearly perfect conditions greeted the WMX series as Stone/Fly/Scott/Cycle Shack North Yamaha rider Kaitlyn Morrow grabbed the holeshot to start moto one, followed by Kawasaki-mounted Shelby Rolen and Tricker. Tricker was disappointed in her start but made up for it quickly. 

“It was a concrete pad and normally I’m pretty good on those but I guess I spun up a bit and was a little slow off the line, but third wasn’t bad getting into the first turn,” said Tricker.

Tricker was quick to pass Rolen to move into second, although it took a couple of laps before she was able to make a pass on the leader Morrow.

“Kaitlyn was guarding her lines, as I expected she would, but once I got by I was able to pull a quick gap,” said Tricker. “I felt like I had some better lines than Kaitlyn and I thought she would pick up on them once I went by but lucky enough I was a couple of seconds faster than her and I was able to pull away, so everything in the first moto went really good and I was able to get the win.” 

Tricker was nearly 15 seconds clear of Morrow at the end of the race with Rolen in third followed by Honda-mounted Nicole Cutrera and KTM’s Eve Brodeur rounding out the top five. 

Tricker’s start wasn’t any better in moto two, as the Suzuki rider was around fifth heading into the first corner, but she managed to exit the turn in second behind Morrow, who once again held the initial lead. 

“Kaitlyn was riding better this moto and it was a little harder to get close enough to attempt a pass,” said Tricker. 

Morrow held the lead until the fifth lap when Tricker was finally able to take the lead with an inside pass. Tricker pulled a few seconds on Morrow when the Yamaha rider bobbled late in the moto, however Morrow gained back the ground and pulled to within a second of Tricker. 

“She was putting pressure on me there at the end and all it would have taken was one little mistake from me and she might have gotten me,” said Tricker. 

In the end, Tricker took the moto win by nearly two seconds, giving her the overall with a 1-1 tally. Morrow took second overall with 2-2 moto score finishes, while Rolen rounded out the podium with a 3-4 score. 

“This feels awesome,” said Tricker. “Obviously this year’s been extremely up and down. I had an injury in June and I was struggling with a few things, so it took a while to get back up to speed so it’s good to finally get a win this year.” 

The two riders atop the series standings, Kylie Fasnacht and Marissa Markelon, both were forced to miss the New Jersey race; Fasnacht nursing an injured knee and Markelon has been sick, which opens up the title chase. Counting the best seven rounds so far, Fasnacht still maintains the lead in the series standings, followed by Markelon and Tricker. 

The series wraps up at the Winter Olympics in Alachua, FL, on November 26. For more information, please visit the official website at ww.racewmx.com or call (304) 284-0101. Also, follow the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for exclusive content and to catch the latest news.  

Round 9 Results

  1. Mackenzie Tricker  (Suz) 1-1
  2. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yam) 2-2
  3. Shelby Rolen (Kaw) 3-4
  4. Eve Brodeur (KTM) 5-3
  5. Nicole Cutrera (Hon) 4-5
  6. Amanda Brown (Hon) 7-6
  7. Lauren Woods (Hon) 6-7
  8. Grace Payne (Yam) 8-8

Series Points

  1. Kylie Fasnacht - 333
  2. Kaitlyn Morrow - 333
  3. Mackenzie Tricker - 306
  4. Marissa Markelon - 297
  5. Eve Brodeur - 283
  6. Amanda Brown - 254
  7. Shelby Rolen - 235
  8. Lauren Woods - 206
  9. Grace Payne - 165
  10. Nicole Gaudern - 154

2016 Women’s MX Championship Schedule

  • Round 10: November 26, Winter Olympics, Alachua, FL