License Information

A WMX License is required for participation in any WMX Championship event and is issued at the sole discretion of MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

A WMX License can be for the Season or for a Single-Event. Upon approval a WMX Season License hard card will be issued and mailed to the rider. A WMX Single-Event License is not good for gate admission. Upon approval a WMX Single-Event License holder will be eligible for competition, but no hard card license will be issued.

A WMX Season License is valid for gate admission to all WMX events. For round 1, Daytona RCSX, a WMX license is good for gate admission Sunday through Tuesday.  Riders arriving Friday or Saturday will be required to purchase gate admission from the Daytona Box Office.

A WMX License does NOT include an AMA membership. All WMX riders must maintain a current AMA membership valid through the 2018 WMX season. Memberships can be obtained and/or renewed online at or call AMA at (800) 262-5656 prior to submitting application.

In order to compete, all riders must have medical/health insurance coverage applicable the date of the event.

The AMA now has a Rider Accident Medical Insurance Plan available to all AMA members. The coverage is very affordable and there are three options available. Benefits are paid when a covered member is injured. Visit the AMA website for details, or call 1(800) AMA-JOIN. Another option is RiderSurance. They specialize in Rider Medical coverage and would be happy to get you set-up. Visit at or call Brandon Parrish at (888) 803-9433.

WMX Crew Members are eligible to purchase MX Sports Pro Racing Crew Credentials (Season or Single Event) for the two WMX rounds held in conjunction with a Pro Motocross National.

License will be mailed upon approval and receipt of the Release and Waiver of Liability form.

Licenses are non-transferable and will be revoked immediately if used by any other person.

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